Bellatorus the Warpriest


Level 1 Warpriest, Neutral Good
HP 10
AC 17
Greatsword + 4 (2d6 + 4)
Init: +1
Feats: Dodge, Weapon focus (great sword), Mobility
Spells: 0 – Light, detect magic, stabilize; 1st – detect evil, protection from evil
Trained skills: Perception, Heal, Knowledge (religion)


Blessings of the Sun be upon you. I am called Bellatorus, and most people have forgotten the name I had as a child. I was made a slave when I was just 5 years old. A group known as the Nighthounds raided our village, killed my parents and took me and my two brothers into bondage. I was 11 years old when I escaped.

I fled on foot and after two months of hardship I made it to Kora, arriving penniless and friendless in Ritupe. Eventually I was taken in by old Viccus, one of the parsons at the Temple of Sonce. He taught me his faith, and I was so grateful to have a place to stay that I worked diligently studying the scriptures.

Viccus saw I was strong and talented with a sword, so while I learned about the word of Sonce, he arranged for me to be trained as a fighter. Eventually he started calling me Bellatorus, which means “Warrior” in one of the old languages. I helped on the city watch and volunteered as a guard at the Temple of Sonce. The footpads of Ritupe stayed clear on the nights I was on guard.

I always worked hard in studying or training, but some say I lack in social niceties. I never felt like I fully belonged with my brothers at the temple. On Tuesdays I go to the Brawling Pit to test my mettle against the other soldiers and ruffians of Ritupe. That’s where I met the half-orc Grumm, a mighty fighter I enjoyed sparring with. In straight-on combat he could knock me out (almost) every time. I feel most comfortable with Grumm and his brother and some of the other outsiders they hang around with.

While I enjoy this life in Ritupe, it angers me that my younger brothers Quesh and Utica languish in captivity. Someday I will free them, whether by force of arms or simply buying them away from the Nighthounds. I’ve decided to become an adventurer to raise money for this cause. Viccus has supported me, outfitting me in an old suit of armor and reminding me to spread the word of Sonce as I set out into the world.

Bellatorus the Warpriest

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