Rocco Destario

Human Cleric of Bel


Rocco Destario is 21 years of age. He is a little over 6’ tall, roughly 190 lbs, and has long brown hair with a well kept and trimmed beard.


When relaxed or in town Rocco can be seen using a 3’ walking stick with a blue cut glass knob on the end. Rocco is strong, athletic and very focused on spreading the works and word of Bel to all who will listen.

Those who grew up with Rocco feel that luck has always been part of the Destario family history. The family had a continuous streak of good luck until the last 3 years.

The family business has taken a hit for the last 3-years in a row when the fruit crop came in at 50% of normal yield. Adding to the lower yield the fruit is not as desirable as in years past. The failure was most likely due to a smelting/smithing operation that was started up-stream and up-wind of the Destario orchard. The water and air has an increasing smell of sulfur as well as black and grey ash continues to cover the orchard. The bee’s kept by the family for pollination have lost 80% of their population.

Juncco’s health has been affected by this string of bad luck. There are discussions about selling the farm, but the only one interested are the owners of the smelting/smithing operation.

Spells -

Level 0 – Light, Read Magic, Stabilize
Level 1 – Bless, Longstrider, Protection from Evil, Shield of Faith
Level 2 – Aid, Lesser Restoration, Spiritual Weapon


Rocco Destario is 21 years of age and is an only son of Juncco and Ria Destario. The Destario family are well known in the area for cultivating and harvesting a variety of delicious fruits including a unique variety of grape. Ria perfected a process of preserving cooked fruit mixtures into a sweet jelly like food that keeps well for long periods of time.

The Destario grape, as it have become known, is highly desirable for fine wine production. Each year’s grape crop is sold to the high bidder and shipped out using local teamsters. At various times of the year the Destario family employed 10 to 20 temporary workers to help with their operation.

Rocco’s boyhood experience has revolved around helping the family run business. Rocco is not one for numbers and figures but he is dedicated when given a task. Rocco is athletic, strong, and determined.

Session #1 – 551 xp
Session #2 – 623xp – used 42xp for scroll creation, donated 450gp to Viccus in Ritupe
Fate Strikes – Rocco +3,935 xp
Session #3 – 770 xp
Session #4 – 1,420 xp

Rocco Destario

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