Pillars of Desmond

Into the night (as recounted by v'Laadak the Mage)


And so it began…

A band of hearty adventurers was formed when the mayor of Ritupe summoned us to his manor to address an issue of his concern.

His young daughter has fallen in with less-than desirable company. The young man, Seth, she is enamored with has set out to change the hand life has dealt him be seeking the source of the local superstition regarding mirrors. He quests for The Rorrim, a fable magic mirror of local legend that will reverse the fortunes of the one who touches it.

Rumor and tales of this mirror is what has established the Ritupe superstition of never touching a mirror with your bare hand. While having your luck changed for the better is a good thing, it is believed that your new found good luck is drawn from someone else. The mayor fears Seth finding the mirror and extracting from his daughter her luck in life to benefit himself.

For concern of the mayor’s daughter, and for my own curiosity in this magical relic, we accept the task and set out at once, into the night, to head-off the young hooligan Seth.

Following the river out of town on a cold, moonless night, we reach the snow line in the hills where we are set upon by a small pack of wolves. Hoping to chase them off, I, v’Laadak, approach one wolf, driving it back from our band. Unfortunately it was just waiting for its brethren to show up…and they attack.

Our novice skills in combat are tested. The wolves are a clever foe and are able to trip up a few of us, bringing us to the ground. Blades fly and blood is drawn. Our grandiose troubadour Vapur takes to the ground after a wolf attack and the pack moves in, abandoning melee with other individuals to gang up on the fallen human.

We rally to our ally aiding with spell and steel. Just as he his rescued, Bellatorus falls and needs aid. Outnumbering the wolves, we dispatch the remainder as one flees for its life, into the night.

Our journey continues through the cold snow to the secret cave the mayor has directed us to. Moving in we are surprised by a bear which proves to be a difficult foe. It takes all of our band, in turns, to take down this mighty monster of the mountains. We discover after it has been vanquished that it had a recent wound to its fore leg. We conclude this may have been from Seth, the lad we hasten to waylay.

Moving into the icy cave complex we follow several tunnels through several chambers. In a room with a grand carving of a skull we find a hidden tunnel that leads off on a tangent.

At its end we discover a serpentine sleeping creature of some considerable size. Vapur tries to parlay with it to no avail. So I ring the blade of my axe against the cold stone to stir the beast. It is not happy with our ruckus. And as it stirs and speaks, we are overcome with a fearful sense that we should not have come here. We withdraw. I fear that in my hubris I may have informed the beast of who we are since I announced to it the masterful, merry-maker Vapur was here to confer with it.

We continue on the trail we followed, through the skull carving. Beyond we find a chamber with two Ice Mephits lounging on the edge of a pool of water. I speak with them briefly and discover another “warm blood” as they call us came through here. We presume that was Seth. The Mephits desire food and treasure. A guileful promise to them that our “warm blood” friend we seek has treasure and he will be happy to share with them gets them to point the way that he went, and we follow, hoping we did not fall to their guileful ruse.

Moving further into this icy realm, we come upon a hall of ice mirrors that play havoc with our senses, disorienting several of us and making us queasy on our feet. The left passage out of the ice mirrors room leads us to a grand cavern with columns and ice which feels very daunting, so we explore the right-hand passage out of the ice mirrors chamber.

It leads us to a small room where we are surprised in combat by two elemental creatures of wind. They prove to be challenging foes as they are quick and nimble, and we are tired, cold, disoriented, and low on resources. After coming close to my dear brother collapsing from blood loss, we manage to dispatch the airy creatures. We decide this small room is our best bet to rest and recharge before continuing our hunt for young Seth.

In all the activity of the night, the pressures of combat, and the thrill of exploration, I pray I have not omitted pertinent facts of our sojourn. I will look to my new comrades to fill-in any missing fragments.

Yours truly,
v’Laadak the mage


And special kudos to Roc…keeping us alive and going with his healing and the divine luck granting some of us 2 rolls when critically needed. Truly a blessing!


Excellent session and great summary. Rocco is honored to support his comrades. Rocco was impressed with how the team handled adversity and working together as a team.


Grumm strikes a pose trying to make it look like he’s not striking a pose while leaning on his double orc axe. He then begins to speak in a calm and even voice like his Brother does.

“Sounds right to me my Brother. You’re very good at stories.”

Slowly nods his head.

(Aye, a very good first session and a great summary too! Looking forward to next time.)


A nice accounting. Thanks for writing this.

We’re starting to learn just what it is a bard can do. Apparently it’s a few things, including giving us bonuses, using a whip and firing off some crazy spells.

Fidalgo Lexfire

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