XP Log

12/17/14 Session #2

Well done! For your accomplishments—including a successfully completed quest—you each receive 577 xp.


  • For thinking, participating, and leading (esp. during a cold), Bellatorus gets +50 xp. (This brings to mind the “leadership bonus” that I had previously mentioned; I’m still considering how that might work.)
  • Vapur accomplished his “Indiana Jones” trick because he used a hero point. Also the “navigate by sound” wasn’t as effective in getting “un-lost” as successful will-saves were (echoes were almost as disorienting as the visual reflections). Individually these feats would not earn a bonus. However, I’ll say that the two efforts together earn Vapur +1 hero point.
  • Also the “Seth Ellie” thread reminded me of the share memories encounter between Seth and v’Laadak. I was planning to give bonus experience for what was learned, but I forgot by the time I was writing the original e-mail. +50 xp.
  • Rocco +46 xp for navigating the mirror maze.

  • Grumm and Vapur +102 xp for making it to the top of the Rorrim in spite of failing their first tries (grease spell).

  • Rocco +1 hero point for being the first to approach Seth.

  • v’Laadak +1 hero point for having his own miniature.

12/3/14 Session #1

Excellent start last night! For your accomplishments you each receive 551 xp.


Now I’m NOT trying to encourage cowardice here, however Bellatorus +64 xp for being the first to retreat from the mortally large dragon!

Vapur +52 xp for surviving the 3-wolf blitz.

v’Laadak +42 xp for getting key information from the mephit.

Grumm +1 hero point for “following” his brother first into every danger zone.

XP Log

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