Seth Ellie


Seth resides in a dilapidated stone hovel that we investigated prior to investigating the “Dark Place”.

Returning to the light of day, scrutinizing closer and closer, Rocco noticed a subtle bluish, clammy tint to Seth Ellie’s skin. This reminded Vapor of an ancient poem he once heard, about men that mated with marids and beget a blue-skinned race called the “Undien.” It suggested that their elemental blood could be passed down for generations.

Encounter and traveling with Seth -

Employing their spells, Bellatorus and Rocco sense neither good nor evil in Seth’s heart.

From his conversation and experiences with Seth—including sharing memories—v’Laadak believes it is very likely that the boy is a sorcerer. As you are leaving the Dark Place, detect magic registers no magic from the boy’s body (unless it’s a trace of divination, but that could still be a whisper from the Rorrim hundreds and hundreds of feet away). You check again halfway back to town, and the boy’s body is indeed free of magical traces.

Seth is a little uncomfortable with being prodded and scrutinized. He says hesitantly, “let me guess what you see: no luck, no prospects, no future?”

Seth has set out to change the hand life has dealt him be seeking the source of the local superstition regarding mirrors. He quests for The Rorrim, a fable magic mirror of local legend that will reverse the fortunes of the one who touches it. Anna the daughter of Ivan, Mayor of Ritukpe has become enamored with Seth.

Tabs on Seth noted. He comes weekly to the temple, accepts each payment with a bow, and thanks whoever is there at the time (Bellatorus is sometimes away on missions). Seth tells Bel that he needs money for living for him and his sister. Also he would like to buy nice things for Annah. With or without the spell, Bel senses no evil in his heart.

Seth Ellie

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