Vapur (Tharamil Worn)

Human Bard


Human Bard 1st Level
Armor Class: 16
Hit Points: 8
CMB +3
CMD 15

Scorpion Whip (2) 1d4 +3 (Trip, Disarm +2, 15’ Reach)
Whip (2)
Nine-Section Whip 1d8 +3 (Blocking, Distracting, Trip)

Unique Skills: Perform (Dance, Oratory, String Instruments), Diplomacy, Local Knowledge
Feats: Two-Weapon Fighting, Extra Performance (+6 rnds – 14 total)
Spells: Detect Magic, Haunted Fey Aspect, Read Magic, Resistance, Unwitting Ally
Chord of Shards, Saving Finale

Special: Armored Casting, Bardic Performance, Countersong, Inspire Courage,


Tharamil Worn is not sure of where he was born but has been told he came from a normal eastern lower class family. At a very young age Tharamil would randomly vanish from sight and reappear in a different areas of the house or property. Tharamil’s parents, as with most Easterners, considered this a flaw in their bloodline and out of shame and fear delivered the “freak” to a rural carnival and show known as “The Raptured Caberet” which based itself just outside of Xlapinx . It was his carnival family that gave him the nickname of Vapur and through his teenage years he would become a main attraction at “The Raptured”. Dagger Thrower, Flame Tamer, Bow Master, and eventually his crowning achievement the “Master of Whip”. Whip_1.jpg

As his interest in conquering challenging feats of danger changed,his love for the mandolin and song remained. He was tought by Elewyn, a half-elf freak (all half breeds are considered freaks in the East), who was the wife of headmaster Welts who found and ran “The Raptured Caberet”. Vapur considers himself a freak and is proud to be considered part of the family that included half-orcs, centaurs, dwarves, elves, and gnomes. He considers himself a champion to the underdog and unfortunate. He often introduces himself as Tharamil Worn, but my friends and freaks call me Vapur.

Vapur’s has always been intrigued with the writings, songs, and poetry from the Western lands as they tend to have an up tempo and sometimes brutal element to them. He has embarked on a journey to the Western lands to find a group of adventurers that he can inspire to greatness and document their story in song and poetry. During his journey he has seen the Westerner’s engaged in battles and melee and are content on just hacking and slashing about until someone is dead or unconscious – there is no sense of art what-so-ever in their attacks and tactics. Vapur is excited to bring new ideas and an Eastern flavor of song to the Westerners and tell those stories handed down by his family of freaks.

Vapur (Tharamil Worn)

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