v' Laadak the Enthraller

Half-Orc Wizard


v’Laadak looks more like his mother than his unknown Orc father. Meaning he has very dominant human traits, so much so that, with a little disguise trickery, he could easily pass as a full human.

Always an agile and, somewhat, strong youth, v’Laadak was far more fascinated with using his mind to understand and access a situation and find a none physical way around it. His intellectual capacity drew him to, and the attention of, the shamans of the Orc tribes.

Learning to manipulate the threads of arcane energy rather than just swinging an axe at what was in front of you (as his half-brother often did) captivated v’Laadak’s interest. As he started down the path of apprenticeship, he was drawn to powers of mezmerization, enchantment, dazzling, misdirection, and deception much more so than channeling bolts of lightning or coaxing fire into existence.

This was one more facets of his character that set him apart from other Orcs, even other Orcs who were learning the rituals of the arcane arts.


v’Laadak was a learned pupil of the Mage Gesh’tu, powerful and respected among the many Orc clans. v’Laadak had turned to arcane arts to try and earn favor among his people. He looked to use his superior intellect to offset his half-breed status so looked down upon by his people. Towards the final months of v’Laadak’s tutelage under Gesh’tu, his master had to journey across the lands on some calling.

Many months without word or communication went by when Gesh’tu’s raven familiar returned bearing Gesh’tu signate ring. It is unknown what fate v’Laadak’s master has befallen. In the final ceremony of passage from apprenticeship, v’Laadak chose Gesh’tu’s ring as his item of bonding and swore an oath to the clans that he would find his master, return him to his people if possible, and hold those involved accountable.

v’Laadak set out with little clue or direction to find his missing friend and mentor.

v' Laadak the Enthraller

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