Pillars of Desmond

Summer of Life e2

Preface, episode 2

The city you live in is called Ritupe, second largest in the tiny Kingdom of Kora. There are only a few neighboring burgs surrounding the two “big” cities, and most of the kingdom is very provincial. It nestles in a network of beautiful steep valleys and inland lakes, high in the rugged foothills of a vast frozen mountain range.

The economy is based on herding, mining precious gems, and trading with the outside world. There is wealth to go around—even during the treacherous winter months—and you have been fortunate to have secured a healthy share. Old King Ivan is fair in his taxation.

There aren’t many specialized guilds in the small kingdom, but there is enough talent to train all of the basic professions. That includes—for the ambitious—core classes of adventuring and mercenary work. At the very least, you have picked up some such skills to add a bit of excitement to your otherwise idle life of luxury.

Plus, you feel prompted into action and preparedness by all of those disturbing dreams…


Fidalgo Fidalgo

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