Pillars of Desmond

Summer of Life

Preface, episode 1

You currently live a peaceful and prosperous life in a tiny kingdom of a northern-temperate land. The local gods include:

Major Deities
Tvorba, the Smith of Creation, Lord of the Universe, the Bright One – symbol: a triangle with an anvil, hammer, and tongs surrounding a white flame – N – air, artifice, fire, rune – warhammer (not actively worshipped)
Oblak, the God of Thunder, the Striker – symbol: a six-spoked wheel – CG – air, good, strength, weather – greataxe
Vojna, the Strong Lord, the God of War and Prosperity, the Four-Faced Lord of the Seasons – symbol: a white horse – LN – earth, community, sun, war, glory – longsword
Sonce, the Giver God, the Sun Personified, the Clear-Sky God – symbol: sun surrounded by twelve stars – LG – good, law, protection, sun – mace (The local people consider themselves the Grandchildren of Sonce)
Rog, the Horned God, the Lord of the Underworld, the Bearded Shepherd – symbol: cow skull with horns – CN – animal, chaos, death, magic, skalykind – scythe (patron of bards)
Veter, Grandfather of Winds, the Scatterer of Wealth – symbol: whirlwind – CE – air, void, evil, weather, madness – whip
Zemlja, Moist Mother Earth – symbol: the earth itself – NG – earth, good, healing, animal, plant – quarterstaff
Dez, Goddess of the Ocean, Mother of Rain – symbol: breast-shaped stones – N – healing, knowledge, magic, water – spear
Mnogi, the Seven-Headed God, Guardian of the World Tree – symbol: a griffin – LN – law, plant, protection, repose, nobility – greatsword

Lesser Deities
Gnil, the Three-Headed God, God of War and Pestilence – symbol: a snake bent into a triangle – CE – chaos, destruction, war – morningstar
Bel, the White God, Lord of the Waxing Year – symbol: walking stick – NG – good, luck, travel, liberation – quarterstaff
Crn, the Black God, Lord of the Waning Year, Lord of Death – symbol: black crescent moon – NE – darkness, death, evil – scimitar
Cvetlica, the Lady of Flowers, the Goddess of Love – symbol: linden tree – NG – charm, good, luck – dagger

Zelen, the Green Man – symbol: cudgel – CN – plant, magic, trickery – club
Glava, Lady Midday – symbol: skull with rays like the sun – NE – death, evil, trickery – scythe
Ogenj, the Deathless, the Necromancer – symbol: flaming pin – LE – evil, fire, magic – dagger


Fidalgo Fidalgo

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