Pillars of Desmond

Outline of Happenings

Preface, Session 1

  • First Quest: apprehend Seth Ellie
  • investigate Seth’s house
  • in wilderness, fight wolves
  • enter Dark Place, fight bear
  • encounter solitary bat
  • in skull room/slippery floor, Grumm climbs up into an eye socket
  • find concealed hallway, find dragon and try to talk with it
  • back off, find ice pool and talk to ice mephits
  • navigate mirror maze one
  • ignore mirror maze two, backtrack, fight air elementals
  • rest overnight

Preface, Session 2

  • mirror maze two
  • in swiss cheese cavern, fight ooze
  • walk through snow globe room
  • confront Seth, climb Rorrim under fire
  • Grumm cuts the boy, who immediate surrenders
  • Seth shares memory with Seth
  • Rorrim tries to communicate
  • bring Seth back to town, hear about intrigue at Wintersum Feast
  • introduce Seth to Alexi, wizard mentor
  • a year passes, level up to 3

Preface, Session 3

  • Second Quest: apprehend Seth Ellie
  • talk to babysitter Tatyana, pour on charm
  • visit Seth’s house, discover Note; give her a coin and a musical instrument
  • arrange for mayor’s family to be out, investigate Annah’s mirror
  • outside of house notice tail; apprehend Boris
  • confront Ivan & street thugs near mayor’s office

Preface, Session 4

  • return to wilderness, fight mandragora
  • enter dark place, fight talking bear
  • in skull room, fight cave fishers
  • walk through mephit room; ice pool is empty and frozen
  • navigate mirror maze one
  • enter mirror maze two: something stalks PCs but they avoid it
  • follow shortcut to snow globe room
  • confront Seth and apprehend him under fire
  • execute Seth
  • enter town hoping to explore haunted house, but Wintersum feast is in full swing
  • survive earthquake
  • help city in aftermath
  • contribute money to Viccus to care for Note, Viccus restores orphanage
  • a year passes, snow pounds Kora, level up to 4

Preface, Session 5

  • Third Quest: find Annah and bring her home
  • investigate Annah’s mirror, clue leads to orphanage
  • discover Annah went to Note to find Seth; both set off into wilderness
  • orphange burns down
  • wilderness travel slowed by snow storm; PCs discover Dark Place entrance blocked by earthquake.
  • dragon finds them outside of dark place. negotiates to show them a way in.

Preface, Session 6

  • enter dark place, fight big mother spider
  • fight more spiders
  • fight bat swarms
  • solitary bat follows them
  • maze connects with skull room
  • navigate mirror maze one
  • enter mirror maze two, fight Minotaur, lose Rufshod, find girls held captive
  • follow girls to Rorrim, break the bad news that Seth isn’t there
  • talk to Rorrim
  • one-by-one PCs step through Rorrim, bringing the 2 girls with them

Chapter 1, Session 7

  • arrive in caves, Rufshod appears at the same time (although he entered the Rorrim months later than the PCs)
  • reorient, meet Castellan Sturn and cautiously scrutinize his story
  • Fourth Quest: survive, and get to civilization?
  • pick up pieces of TPK and run from cave dragon
  • backtrack through large ‘fumey’ caves
  • come across field of dead darkmantles: formerly killed by Sturn’s party
  • fight demon scouts, run from reinforcements
  • rest overnight

Chapter 1, Session 8

  • travel through lower levels
  • choose between trolls and heart-flayer orcs (ran past trolls)
  • find secret room & switch, throw switch
  • arrive at level 7: discover that it is different than maps
  • find bas relief sculpture of processing dwarves
  • go through 3 trapped rooms; clear the way with bodies of PCs
  • discover mausoleum one; raid sarcophagi for potions of virtue
  • fight large animated object (statue)
  • discover mausoleum two; raid sarcophagi for potions of virtue
  • fight large animated object (faster statue)
  • discover fork in the road and another large statue. Tie up third statue and open door to “Sand Summoner Chamber”

Chapter 1, Session 9

  • look down opposite corridor and see scary red wave-like sculptures leading around the bend
  • choose to enter Sand Summoner Chamber
  • encounter rake-handed guardian; run past, leaving Sturn and two girls behind
  • descend staircases to sandy floor
  • pull lever, and large amount of “special summoning sand” touches floor and turns into guardian
  • fight this large tortured guardian, who desperately exclaims “help me!” and decomposes
  • open storage box; find scrolls of ‘summon sand creature’ I, II and III
  • open storage box, learn codes
  • use special summoning sand to animate a small servant and a scorpion, get hit by exploding sand
  • rest overnight, level up to 5
  • read mind of rake-hand, who hopes for rescue

Chapter 1, Session 10

  • meet Sphinx, learn that a single mind controls sphinx AND rake-hand; “beware the crown of sand”
  • solve “7 + 5 = 4” riddle
  • break into Cuffon’s tomb; fight “double-headed snake” guardian
  • break into Dargo’s tomb; fight “fire-amphibian” guardian

Chapter 1, Session 11

  • rest overnight, level up
  • break into Bren’s tomb, look inside
  • proceed toward Garon, solve 7 + 5 = 1 riddle
  • discover Garon’s huge ornate face
  • snag Garon’s left eye; trap hits Bel with a hail of bolts
  • snag Garon’s right eye; Vapur is buried alive
  • open Garon’s face and discover staircase up
  • climb stairs and trigger “one-way” door mechanical trap
  • walk through chamber of many holes
  • enter antechamber, one door locked and one door marked “Garon”
  • touch Garon door, causing locked door to cycle through and open; tension builds
  • huge screaming elemental climbs through the door as the final defender of Garon’s tomb
  • discover pain
  • sever the vortex of sand between elemental’s head and some huge machine; once broken, the rampage ends
  • talk to elemental

Chapter 1, Session 12

  • choose between friendship w/ “Pewter” and easy treasure (took the friendship)
  • break into Garon’s tomb, find a bit of treasure.
  • search for bigger treasure; a clue scratched into the sarcophagus yields nothing.
  • explore the prison room.
  • break into Bren’s tomb, fight “kyton” guardian.
  • reunite with Sturn and girls, leave and seal Sand Summoner Chamber behind.
  • steamroll through dungeons level 5 and up.
  • Pewter sends word: the elements are in turmoil!
  • follow Sturn through civilized parts of dungeons, emerge into his “Gemmed Citadel.”
  • meet the “Magarch”, one of three rulers of the city and country.
  • Witness the broken sky: blue fades to a huge black vortex far above.
  • Ultimate quest: prophecy tells that you may fix it… somehow.

Chapter 2, Session 13

  • Fifth quest: become “Champions of Desmond”
    – Magarch believes prophecy names you “Champions of Desmond”.
    – however not everyone in the city interprets prophecy the same way.
    – some people think “champion” is the winner of a tournament; therefore one is starting now.
    – if you win (or excel in) the tournament, you will be eligible for the city’s great resources.
    – you sign up, and are assigned a wizard guide, Searos.
  • Searos brings you to an oracle to hear about prophecy; it’s complicated.
  • oracle will read through some parts and tell you the next step in a couple of days.
  • Searos takes you to his master for his spellbook; but the master resists. dick.
  • You sell off loot and go shopping for new gear.
  • Take the Trial of Skill: archery, caber toss, and illusory situations.


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